Atlantic Coast Seafood, Inc. is a fresh fish wholesale distributor. Tory Bramante, owner of Atlantic Coast Seafood, is the third generation of the Bramante fishing family. Atlantic Coast Seafood has a vested interest in the fishing community, as Tory also owns some of the fishing vessels that supply our company. Atlantic Coast Seafood has been supplying premium quality, whole, fresh fish to companies nationally and internationally for over 35 years. We take pride in our uniform quality, and consistently seek to improve our customer and fishermen relations. Through years of vigorous efforts, impeccable relationships have been established with both customers and fishermen alike.


Atlantic Coast Seafood is the last thriving facility offloading the Boston fishing fleet. We have established a way to ice, power, unload, repair and fuel these vessels to ensure the Boston Fish Pier is a full service port. Atlantic Coast Seafood unloads multiple boats on any given day, seven days a week. Once a vessel has been unloaded, the catch is separated, packaged and shipped out to various establishments across the northeast, all in the same day. Atlantic Coast Seafood has continued to grow, with its daily expansion of customers and the additions of new vessels to be offloaded.