Atlantic Coast Seafood is a full service port, all in one convenient location on the fish pier in Boston, MA.

Here are some of the vessels that have done business with Atlantic Coast Seafood over the years.



Atlantic Coast Seafood has state-of-the-art ice equipment available to serve the Boston fishing fleet and our seafood customers.

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We provide repair services for vessels, such as hoses, fittings, and filters.

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Fishermen can offload and sell their catch right at our back door. We work hard to keep our prices fair and relatively steady for both the fishermen we purchase from, and our wholesale customers that we sell to. Learn more about our offloading process.

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Most of the fish offloaded at Atlantic Coast Seafood is caught by bottom trawl fishing. This is when a cone shaped net is hauled behind a fishing vessel and scoops up fish along the way. The bottom of the net is weighed down, the top of the net has floats, and there are two heavy doors on each side to keep the mouth of the net open while it is being towed. This method of fishing has been used for over a hundred years.

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The fishing vessels that offload at Atlantic Coast Seafood travel as far as 200 miles offshore to catch fish. Fish are caught in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, an elevated area of the seafloor between the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. Boats are at sea for 7-10 days before they return to the dock with thousands of pounds of fish.