Here at Atlantic Coast Seafood, we distribute whole fish that we offload directly from fishing vessels. Here are the different types of fish that we sell, all of which are caught in New England waters.


Haddock | Cod | Pollock | White Hake
Cusk | Redfish | Skate Wings | Whiting (Silver Hake)
Head on Monkfish | Monkfish Tails | Monkfish Livers


Blackbacks (Winter Flounder) | Dabs (American Plaice Flounder)
Fluke (Summer Flounder) | Yellowtail Flounder | Greysole (Witch Flounder) | Halibut

Seasonal Fish

Squid | Bluefish | Conch | Lobster | Porgy (Scup)
Striped Bass | Black Seabass | Atlantic Mackerel